About TSL

The Sewing Library began as a Facebook group http://facebook.com/groups/TheSewingLibrary in May 2011 & was started by Renee Webb.

Renee created TSL (The Sewing Library) as a way to catalogue all the links to great tutorials she had amassed, however it quickly became something bigger than she could imagine.

In no time at all TSL grew in leaps and bounds with currently 70+ new members joining weekly.

It has become a community of members, who are only too happy to share their love of sewing with others, novices & experts alike.

From TSL grew its 11 sister library groups:

The Blogging Library http://facebook.com/groups/TheBloggingLibrary
TSL Let's Talk Business http://facebook.com/groups/TSLLetsTalkBusiness
The Kitchen Library http://facebook.com/groups/TheKitchenLibrary
The Stitch Library http://facebook.com/groups/TheStitchLibrary
The Printables Library http://facebook.com/groups/ThePrintablesLibrary
The Photography Library http://facebook.com/groups/ThePhotographyLibrary
The Wellness Library http://facebook.com/groups/TheWellnessLibrary
The Thrifty Library http://facebook.com/groups/TheThriftyLibrary
The Papercraft Library http://facebook.com/groups/ThePapercraftLibrary
The Crafts Library http://facebook.com/groups/TheCraftsLibrary
The Party Library http://facebook.com/groups/ThePartyLibrary
The Embroidery Library http://facebook.com/groups/TheEmbroideryLibrary
Facebook Fan page http://facebook.com/TheSewingLibrary

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